UnBridle Your Self – Yes I am ready …


Move the Energy ~ Change the Challenge

 In person Private Sessions now available –

~ On-Line Horse Wisdom Coaching & Readings ~

Off-line ~ Horses & Healing Experience  ~

 Is this what you have been asking for?


 1.  The Horse Wisdom Guidance Card Coaching & Reading – 

Receive Horse Power Guidance & Trust your next Inspired Action Step!  

(On Line or by Skype or Phone session recorded- 45-60 mins.). 

Black horse running images

~  Do you have questions that could use some inner aligned answers and wisdom that are beyond what your linear mind can figure out?  

~ or Perhaps you have already made some significant changes and transitions already, and you simply require a dose of inspiration to know … Yes you are on track, and let’s keep the momentum going!   

You know how every successful sports athlete has a coach right?  So why not you?  Someone who is unattached to your situation and can help you move the energy into a higher vibration of effortless ease and inspired action.  

Your Investment:   Special Price ~ $77.00


                         2. The Horses and Healing Experience ~

Which includes an Access Bars Session and A Horse Guidance Card too!

Spark Your Inner Fire – 90 minute experience  ~ with the Horses!

Bars & Horses - Shadow & Annette

       Remember, you are the Leader in your Life while you follow your Divine Destined Path. 

       This experience is flexible and is designed to release what’s        not working … and … receive results that feeel goood!  

     Here’s what Kelli said: “The horses helped me to clear any and  all fears and the clearing and opening that happens with their  energy, really can’t be described in words, you really have to  experience it for yourself.”  

These sessions will be facilitated in Wynndel, B.C. in an outdoor area as shown.


Spark Your Inner Fire ~ 90 minute Experience  ~ $111.00


3.  Full Meal Deal ~  Fun Package ~ 1/2 day Just for You ~ 

Horses and Healing Experience ~ Access Bars & A Horse Wisdom card, 

Plus 2 Giddy-Up  Phone Follow-through sessions!

Brook and Kojo

Here you receive everything in the Spark your Fire, with more time to allow yourself the freedom to feel the shifts, and to integrate them more fully.  

 These additional 2 follow-up sessions are really where the momentum and magic begin to be actualized.

 Horses are masters at being congruent and at having power and grace combined.  When you are in the presence of a horse, your heart will open and give you guidance that is aligned with you!  This is the gift the horses bring that only “experience” can reveal to you.   

Check-in with yourself – feel into your body and Ask…

            Is this what I have been asking for, showing up differantly than what I expected?

If you feel or sense a YES withIn you .. Trust that and take Inspired Action now.

UnBridle  Your Self  Fun 1/2 day Experience ~ $222.00



(these sessions will be held in Wynndel, B.C. in an outdoor area as shown above.) 


 I am happy to be on this journey with you, and I look forward to facilitating this experience with the horse energy .. and you.

Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions:  Annette ~ 1-250-866-5737.