Soaring & Roaring in 2015 – A Song to Inspire your Soul.

Blazing Trails – never felt so good?


I wonder …has the time come to stop all judgement of You, which naturally allows less judgement of others, and more space to Live life as YOU?

 What if …

We SOAR in the new energy,

and we ROAR to bring that Light Energy onto the Earth.

( Ya … you know .. Conscious Cowgirl style…Yee-Ha-ha!)

 To me Roar is grounding energy.  (Not fight against energy.)

 What if realizing our inner Roar, allows us to move beyond fear, doubt, and especially wrongness?

Will that create more F.U.N. and Ease? 

I trust this song will inspire you to move Beyond the perceived limitations and  Dance with the New Possibilities available in your own Divine Timing.  🙂 

Soar & Roar!

 Remember ~ You are an Energetic Sensitive Soul and let’s Celebrate that?  

If you’re struggling with something and you require a lift Up, be Brave and ask for some help.  We Are in this Together.

On the Trail called Living,

Annette ~ aka ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach in Canada!





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