Horses & Healing Experience

 UnBridle Your Self ~ The Horses and Healing Experience!

This is a Non Riding ~ No Therapy ~

No Effort Experience.

Horse photo warren

 The experience of being with horses can

Re-ignite your passion,

Relax your body and mind,

Release the barriers, 

Restore your Inner Knowing, & ..

Re-align you …with your Purpose!


  This is a No Riding ~ No Therapy ~ No Effort Experience ~                

Simply Ease!


Horses and Healing is for women who are  in business,

in transition, and as leaders in your own life.


 * New –  Horses and Healing Week-End Getaway for Women *
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UnBridle Your Self ~ Horses & Healing Retreat

 There are many ways to Receive the learning & healing  these  Horses are here to gift you.  Here are a few examples of how horses can help …

  1.  Physically being with the horses and receiving the experience of moving energy and Healing effortlessly just by being in their presence, Plus experiencing the Access Bars Body process in a dynamic duo creating feeling good  … fast! 

 This creates a synergy of healing that goes beyond linear words, and heads straight into the heart and soul of who you BE, with practical action steps to take. 

2.  Learning about horses as Prey animals, how they are thriving as prey animals, and how knowing about this,  can help you have more purpose, passion, and joy in your life.  (Classes coming soon). 


Now that’s F.U.N. – Feeling UnBridled Now!

Here is one example of combining the Access Bars Body Process and The Horses and Healing Experience with our 2 healing horses – (aka – the Yin and Yang boys),  providing healing in the Pasture.  

Listen to the fear that was released for Kelly during this one hour experience and what she has to say about it. 

Anna Moore and Kojo healing

UnBridle Your Potency

(you do not need a horse to receive healing with horse wisdom).


Horses & Healing is for you if  even 1 of these rings true for you:

  • Enjoy learning and fun experiences for self mastery?
  • Love horses and miss being around them because you feel better afterwards?
  • Uncertain or uncomfortable around horses .. yet there is something about them that intrigues you,and you want to find our more?
  • Spiritual Seeker and Consciousness creator – in other words …”this isn’t your first rodeo”!
  • You feel a calling emerging within you to have more purpose, passion and inspiration to guide your next actions?

The 3 P’s  in Horses &  Healing : 

Understanding how Prey Consciousness or prey animals such as horses operate on our planet, living in herds of harmony, and how they are still here serving our needs to evolve with grace and gentle strength. 

 Horse wisdom is a guide for you that  does not diminish your Inner Spirit or  your Light.


If you are ready to experience more forward momentum right now, 

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What choice will you choose that bests suits you?

The Conscious Cowgirl Presents

~ The Horses & Healing Experience +

Access Bars

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UnBridle Your Self –  Private 1 on 1

Spark-Up Your Fire – 90 minute experience  ~ 


Spark-up  & Fast Track Package ~ 1/2 day.

includes:  Fuel the fire follow-up connections.  


Blazing Trails Package –

The Momentum for the Maverick in you.

7-11 weeks of Yee-Haa F.U.N. ! 

                                             4 spaces available


Horses and Healing Women’s

Week-End Getaway

Horses & Healing Experience +

All inclusive – Food + Accommodation

Only  $477.00 ! 

Friday May 27 ~ Sunday  May 30   

7 Soul Sisters – Is one of them you? 

Here you will be supported and guided in:

  • Connect with the horses – with ease… your way.
  •  Plus – receive an Access Bars Body Process to Release what’s Not You.
  • Learn and experience 3 tools to “move energy” and feel lighter… 
  • Discover what is emerging within you now, & allow the horses magnetic heart energy to expand your “heart’s intuition”. 
  • how Horse Wisdom can support you in Re-claiming your Knowing ~ your Potency – receive messages for your passion, purposeful life…
  • & what practical inspired action steps are you ready to choose ~ with more freedom ~ ease and grace?

Are you curious about choosing this?

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I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Is Now the Time ~ for You to BE You?

I look forward to Connecting, Collaborating and Creating with you, the Magic & Miracles of Living Life as You!

Yee-Haa ~ UnBridling yourself .. can Be F.U.N.!