Face that Fire … turning Frustration into Passion & Fun!

Are you feeling a little “scorched” by the Fire of Transformation?

Remember ~ You have the Power to Shift the Energy!

(Tool & video below for you to Move the Energy and Change the Challenge~

3 mins. to more Freedom)


Recently I have been reminded of the many traditions, folklore, mystics and stories told in years gone by that relate to “walking through the fire of transformation”.  There are stories about the Phoenix Rising, the Vulture who lost his beautiful head feathers, or the Eagle, all of who at a certain time of life, had to face the fire of transformation.

The story goes that they get scorched or in some form face the fire that burns away all that no longer serves the Highest good of all.   In this brave act, they transform into a wiser elder type energy.  

This is simply my way of describing a process we all are going through during this Divine timing of Evolution or Spiritual Revolution on our planet right now.

The Hopi Elders also remind us … “We Are the Ones We Have been waiting for“!  The time is now.  Look around you and see who is in the fire of transformation with you.

It is natural to feel frustrated or angry when you are in the midst of transformation .  Please do not judge your feelings as wrong, like you are suppose to “be happy” all the time.  Nonsense!

Now the trick is this.  How are you going to listen to those unsettling feelings, and how can you channel them to serve your Highest good and the good of all????

  1. Awareness ~ Phew ..I’m not wrong … this is part of living on earth as a human being.
  2. Move the Energy ~ change the Challenge!  Feelings are energy in motion.  It takes extreme due diligence to focus on moving the energy so it can be released and you are restored to peace again.  You my friend are the only one who can do this for yourself!!!  Allow yourself the time to use your tools!  If you are reading this you have tools, guaranteed!  The question is this, are you taking action, or making excuses?
  3. Passionate Action ~ when you move the energy, you move from frustration and anger to passionate action.  Passionate action fuels the fire in a focused way that turns the density to destiny!  Not an easy path sometimes, yet you did choose it!

    You are a Warrior ~ A Healer ~ A Visionary ~

    A Heart Centered Woman on a Divine Mission!

    And you Got this!  


    to Move that Energy and transform it. 

    Many years ago when I was really in the depth of frustrated energy, there was a song that came out on the radio, and it spoke directly to how I was “feeling at the time”.  Recently I was listening to an old cd while driving and that song came on.  Ahh it felt good to feel that strong energy in a  way that can serve instead of letting it fester in frustration!!

    I share this Soul Song with you to-day and trust you will turn it up loud, dance your ass off, and turn yourself LOOSE of the frustration and anger.  You may want to follow up with a softer gentler song that feels good for you to restore Peace and Passion within you.

Dancing and moving to music can create miracles because it shifts the energy, and everything is energy!

So give yourself a break to-day and dance to freedom ~ 3 minutes to more miracles and magic.

I know you’ve done it before … so this is simply a Sister to Soul Sister Reminder!

Turn your Frustrated Fire Energy into Passionate Fun and let’s Change the World!

Here’s the video with the words … NOW GO GET’EM ~ You got the Power!



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