Access Bars – Something Special

Is it time for you to Un-Bridle Your Potential & Shift into more Ease?

Relax ~ Release ~ Receive ~ Restore!


What if…

  • you could STOP the Mind Chatter?
  • in just an hour, you could Eliminate the built up Stress  & Worry from the past 6 months?
  • you could have so much More Energy ~ like when you were a kid?
  • you could Erase Sadness or Overwhelm,  and feel High on Life, for the first time in ages?

Well my friends, it is possible for you now!


Where to start:

Is it time for more Ease, Joy and Fun?

Having Your Bars Run – A 60-90  minute RELAX EXPERIENCE,

with the Potential ~ To Change anything in your Life for the Better!

A personal release from doubt, second guessing yourself, worry, anxiety, stress,

and an Amazing Ability to Feel ENERGETIC, JOY-FILLED,

and definately more Joy, Ease, Calm and FUN!



ACCESS BARS Private Sessions  ~  

 60 minute Session ~ $75.00

 75 minutes ~ $85.00               90 minutes ~ $95.00


 Love your Life Body & Soul Packages:

 VIP 1/2 Day –  Natural Health Make-Over for Women ~ $222.00

Includes Iridology/Herbal Consult/Access Bars &

1 Conscious Cowgirl Follow-Up Coaching Session  to keep you On Target! 

  “Shift the Energy”  Coaching

&/or Access Body Process Sessions

5 Sessions ~ Phone or in Person

~  $377.00 ~

Includes 1 Conscious Cowgirl Follow-Up Phone Coaching Session

or anything to move you forward on your Path.  

***Remember … Mix’n’Match ~ Iridology – Herbal Consultation ~

Access Bars & Access Body Processes!***

*** Healing with Horses Experience not included in this package ***


Complimentary 20 minute Explore session

  Call Annette to book:

Ph:  250-866-5737 or 250-428-6151 

or Message me in the Conscious Coach box to the right.


Are you willing to Receive more Joy, Ease and

Glory in our life to-day?

Shifting into Ease ~ Here’s what others have experienced:

I totally got a “reset” last night! Looking forward to the next time!!! HDIGABTT!    Mel ~ Access Bars

I felt great, almost hyper! ”   ~   Marilyn  (Marilyn asked for more energy- ta da)

“Thank you again for your timely care of us Campbell girls!  Did not wake up with coughing at all!  “~  Juhl

“I loved the last body process and found myself sitting in my car thinking “I am smiling”!

  I had to look in the mirror to make sure and yep I was smiling! ”

~ Mary Gregory

Is Now the time for You?


 Would you like to learn HOW TO RUN THE BARS- in One Day ?

You can help your family, friends & become a Bars Practitioner!