Poop transplants can make you skinny?

The Scoop on Poop ~ Science Research is in. Here it is … after 20+ years of talking to clients about this very topic … I heard it on the radio while driving in the city last week.  You know how the mainstream news likes to sensationalize everything right? Well while driving I hear this […]

Strawberry Health Tips & Super Full Moon Energy ~ WOW!

Wow, summer has arrived and the super full moon energy to-day is shining light onto our Path, reminding us to expand our vision, and go beyond the mediocre ho-hum way of living.Now is a great time to connect In with your higher Self, your deepest knowings and create those intentions consciously, while this window of […]

Your body – your best friend! Body Wisdom!

As summer is rapidly approaching and the sun is becoming brighter and warming us up here in Canada, the calling to be outdoors and play in the sun and have FUN is like a magnet to metal! After sitting indoors all winter long and not being as active as I could have been, my body […]