What does Spirit & Soul Wisdom feel like?

Ahhh ..such a light and simple topic to embark upon to-day wouldn’t you say? Well let’s just jump right into the deep end shall we? The journey of Spirit and Soul Wisdom begins. Are you ready for a mini adventure? A healthy Spirit and Soul connection often comes from the “unseen realms”.  It is the […]

Soaring & Roaring in 2015 – A Song to Inspire your Soul.

Blazing Trails – never felt so good?   I wonder …has the time come to stop all judgement of You, which naturally allows less judgement of others, and more space to Live life as YOU?  What if … We SOAR in the new energy, and we ROAR to bring that Light Energy onto the Earth. […]

A Tribute to Robin Williams & A song of Inspiration!

To Robin – I think of you and the Positive Possibilities you Embodied on Earth~ Thank-You! When I was invited to hear this song from “Walk Off the Earth” – Am I Wrong”, and when I listened to it with my heart, I felt this is what I am choosing  to contribute to a man who […]

May the Sun ~ Shine on Your Shoulders….Music video

“May The Sun Shine on your Shoulders May Love and Love Be your Friend For Now always & Forever Until We meet again!”   This is for All of my Friends, Family,  Furry Friends& Soul Families too!  For those of you still walking on earth,  living close by, and those of you living across the miles […]

Yee-Haa You are now IN!