Are Earth Quakes creating Soul Quakes?

This morning I heard there was a sizeable earthquake off  the British Columbia coast.  This is where I am at the moment, so I paid attention and read the article.  Immediately after that, it triggered a remembrance within me of a potent dream I had last night. I was crossing the vast ocean on a […]

Poop transplants can make you skinny?

The Scoop on Poop ~ Science Research is in. Here it is … after 20+ years of talking to clients about this very topic … I heard it on the radio while driving in the city last week.  You know how the mainstream news likes to sensationalize everything right? Well while driving I hear this […]

Do you ever get butterflies in your belly? (Video below)

Riding ~ Healing ~ Business & Dreams! Have you ever woken up with that butterflies in your belly feeling?  To-day was that day for me.  Over the years I have learned this feeling is a combination of excitement and … a little bit of fear too.   Why you may ask? Well to-day I was getting […]

Face that Fire … turning Frustration into Passion & Fun!

Are you feeling a little “scorched” by the Fire of Transformation? Remember ~ You have the Power to Shift the Energy! (Tool & video below for you to Move the Energy and Change the Challenge~ 3 mins. to more Freedom)   Recently I have been reminded of the many traditions, folklore, mystics and stories told […]

Expanding Consciousness through Art & Earth’s stone ~ Video.

As my passion to experience a higher consciousness while living in a body on planet earth has been fired up to a new level recently…through the expression of Art!  The funny thing is, I don’t really “get art” that much, and yet I have some very artistic friends.  Somehow we relate to life in a […]