A Tribute to Robin Williams & A song of Inspiration!

To Robin – I think of you and the Positive Possibilities you Embodied on Earth~ Thank-You!

When I was invited to hear this song from “Walk Off the Earth” – Am I Wrong”, and when I listened to it with my heart, I felt this is what I am choosing  to contribute to a man who did live full-on while On the Earth, and is still serving the awakening of the planet, right here and right now..

There is suffering and struggle in the world, and what are We going to Be and Do to bring Lightness and Laughter and HeartFull connections to change suffering into soaring?

Thank-You Robin for Being You!

 Together we are changing the world.  

What if … you weren’t wrong ~ for seeing a vision of more Joy, Kindness, & Ease?

Thank-You to my nephew Kenny Bear,

for Being a force of Inspiration … Keep Walking my friends… We are all in this Together!

In great-fullness,

Annette ~ aka ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach!

UnBridle Your Knowing ~ Be Your Yee-Haa Self!


  1. Annette,
    Beautiful and Moving way to describe The energy of what has Happened. I feel it was a soul Angel serving his soul purpose here. What a beautiful Spiritual Warrior he was. Thanks for taking the time to post this and share the song and music lifted me today and inspired me to be real always

    • Hi Pamela,

      Yes, it has been percolating within me, and then the InSpiration came with that song.
      And yes indeed “A Spiritual Warrior” still influencing us in a positive way on our earth journey’s now.
      Thank-You for your contribution Pamela. 🙂

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