Spirit Health

Remembering Who You Are ~

& Why You Are here ~ so you can…

UnBridle Your Knowing !


Find out the 3 S’s that will  Spark your Spirit’s Fire

& Open you to  Receive Your Soul’s Desires!

   Intuition – Inner Knowing & InSpiration are a Natural way of Living!


 Spirit Health Guides you home to your Self, where you can:

– Fuel Your Inner Spark and help you Remember Your Self, Your Dreams and Your Potency!     

– Recognize the  3 Whispers of Your Spirit & how to Hear them and take InSpired Action on Your Soul’s Path.

That my friend…is,


If you are feeling the desire to connect with your Spirit Source, & finally UnBridle Your Inner Knowing, that Divine connection and Inner Guidance that is  available for You now,  it’s time.  And it’s easier than ever to Receive Inner Guidance for yourSelf, and to live your life trusting the spark and knowing that is withIn you. Together we will be learning and experiencing the language of Spirit Health, and Trusting it whole-heartedly.     YEE-HAA TO THAT!



A Personal Soul Story

My journey of trusting my Spirit Soul Self was amplified when my mother was transitioning from being on earth, and she was diagnosed with 3 serious cancers.  What was discovered on this journey with her, was assisting her in aligning with her own Divine knowing, as she made each choice, each moment of each day.

The experience of guiding my mom to remember and re-connect within her own Self, and make choices that were aligned with herSelf, resulted in the most amazing  journey of PEACE, for her, and …for us.

Whatever your life looks like, there is a way to be assisted in remembering this connection you have, and the practical ways it can assist you in your daily life.

This for me, is the journey of living as your Spiritual Soul Self, and assisting you to recognize your very own  Spirit Health within .

When you are BEing Your Yee-Haa Self,   You are finally able to Celebrate Who You Are!

You are not trying to be someone else,

for someone else.

We are on this journey together, you are not alone ever, and you are the strongest of the strong.

What else is possible on earth ~ when You are Being You?

Are you ready for an Adventure…called…Living Life as YourSelf?

Yee-Haaa….Is now the Time to embark upon the Ride of Your Life?

Only you know….and it simply requires a few tools & new ways to UnBridle Your Knowing!    The rest…becomes history!


Partner with me & Your Higher Self

 A Conscious Cowgirl ~ Spirit Health Soul Session

Soul Start-Up Session  $77.00

What would change in your life when:

– you are aligned with your Spirit Soul Self while making choices?

– you create your life from the lightness of who you really are?

– what if, the energy that sticks to you like a burr on sweater ~

can be moved and changed in the moment?

 – 5 Soul Spirit Health Sessions or VIP Day  ~ $350.00 

(Remember – you can mix’n’match these 5 sessions with:

Conscious Cowgirl Coaching ~ Body Health – Access Bars – Iridology – the skies the limit for you now)

Let’s connect for a 20 minute Explore session

& find out if this is a fit for you! @ 250-428-6151



What if it’s possible, with much more Joy, Ease and Fun than you’ve ever imagined?

Is now the time ~ for You to Be You?