Poop transplants can make you skinny?

The Scoop on Poop ~ Science Research is in.

Here it is … after 20+ years of talking to clients about this very topic … I heard it on the radio while driving in the city last week.  You know how the mainstream news likes to sensationalize everything right? Well while driving I hear this … “Would you inject someone elses poop into you, if it could make you skinny?  New research is out …”!   

CLICK … off with the radio.

I must be honest with you.  Often I become quite annoyed when I hear about research on a topic that has been known for years in the natural healing arts community.  So off with the radio and on with my iphone to listen to some happy tunes and carry on with my day.

Oh no … apparently that was not the plan for me on this day. Only 1 hour later, after dropping my truck off for repairs and finding a Starbucks to hang out in, there beside me at the only seat in the place … is a NEWS ARTICLE ~ New Research on Poop Transplants”!

Oh no … looks like Spirit is not letting me off the hook on this one.

So if you haven’t heard yet, here is an excerpt of the research and then you’ll find out about other options.

“Researchers from the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology at the Washington University School of Medicine took stool samples from four sets of 20- or 30-something twins, each comprising of one lean sister and one obese sister. The scientists then implanted bits of the samples into the intestines of lab mice, in a process called fecal transplantation.

The mice were fed the same diet of low-fat chow and ate the same amount. As expected, the mice that received transplants from obese donors quickly got fat, while those harboring the gut microbial of thin twins did not!”   

The key word here is “Gut Microbial” … the balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria that live in your intestines.  As an Iridologist, this is the first thing my mentor Dr. Bernard Jensen taught us.  Clean the colon and build up the good bacteria and most of you health challenges will go away.

Would you like another option to a Poop transplant?

Of course you would, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  In fact, 90% of you reading this may already know this or have at least heard about it.  Perhaps now is the time to implement what you know into inspired action?   Let’s explore this topic a little more.  Here is a long story made short for you described in simple cowgirl lingo, without the scientific jargon.

(You can find more research articles on line if you want more of that. )

So here is the thing, the good bacteria can be ingested with specific foods and supplements, so you don’t need a transplant.   

If you don’t know where to start on your “Natural HEALTH PLAN”, this is step 1.

Having the good guys called probiotics winning the game in your colon actually improves your immune system, reduces inflammation throughout your body and yes it can reduce belly bloat and make you skinnier.  In the 20 years of  being a natural health consultant, this is the area that everyone requires improving, regardless of their symptoms.  Of course in your health checklist and/or looking into your eyes, there are other body systems to address, and yet, taking care of your digestive and colon systems is vitally vitally important!  

This is why we call it Step 1!  Some of you may know and have tried all kinds of herbs and supplements that claim to be the magic bullet.  We become negatively sensitized and grumpy after spending hundreds of dollars on supplements that don’t perform as predicted.  It really isn’t the herbs fault.  There is a science and natural process to healing the body that requires education too.

 You know the old saying … “Once you know better ~ you Do better”!

Step 2:  Science says ~ What you eat also matters.

Yup, it’ s not just one thing that changes everything.  Synergy … food/nutrition and supplements are key.

The scientific research actually includes the fact that what you eat matters.  The mice that continued to eat a high fat low fruit diet, still gained weight!  Wouldn’t you like to know this before you go in for surgery?

Now don’t run away yet ~ here’s the good news.   In years of experience of coaching and guiding clients to improved health naturally, you do not have to change everything in your diet in order to start the process.

There is a way to gradually increase your probiotics in your gut and in doing so, your body begins to crave healthier foods and drinks!   Yee-Haa … before you know it fat foods don’t appeal to you and healthy foods do.

How does it get any better than that?

This isn’t an all or nothing kind of thing.  I”m not saying go vegan or go raw.  No, this is an experiential path of learning about your body and how you feel, then making adjustments along the way.  You know what my favorite quote is?  “You don’t have to get it right ~ ya just have to get it going!” Mike Litman.

That’s exactly it, progress not perfection!

Isn’t that Great news?

Is it time for you  to jump in the saddle and get on the trail to improving your gut bacteria without surgery?

Since you are reading this, it’s probably time.  If you require a guide to get you going on the  journey, I”d be happy to be serve.  It is my joy and gift to assist you in improving your health naturally, spiritually and physically.

Oh, and one last tidbit.

Did you know there are also foods and supplements called “prebiotics”?  These prebiotics are food for the good bacteria to grow healthy and strong.  Cool eh?

Stay tuned and come along in our FB community.   Quite often you will find much more quick Conscious Cowgirl tips there when I’m on the gallop and short on time. 🙂


I love it when science finally brings the proof and then we can educate others to trust nature in their healing.

 It’s a beautiful thing wouldn’t you say?

Alright that’s the scoop on poop to ponder for to-day.    Have a fabulous Canadian thanksgiving week-end.





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