May the Sun ~ Shine on Your Shoulders….Music video

“May The Sun Shine on your Shoulders

May Love and Love Be your Friend

For Now always & Forever

Until We meet again!”


This is for All of my Friends, Family,  Furry Friends& Soul Families too!  For those of you still walking on earth,  living close by, and those of you living across the miles in other cities and countries.

 Also for all  those who have moved and passed onto the Beyonds,

Mom , Dad, Herb, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, & friends of friends.

I wish you the Best … Every step of the Road you are on.

May your Heart beat steady and strong,

May your journey unfold to a Big Pot of Gold,

at the end of the ol’ Rainbow!

May Love can Love Be your Friend!

& May the Sun Shine on your Shoulders!


Wherever you are ~ Remember ~

You Are Special!


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