Iridology ~ Your Eyes ~ Nature Heals


Windows to the Soul & Your Body!

What if…

Your Eyes had the Answers …

to Your Body, Soul & Health questions?

Your eyes are an amazing gift to you.  You use them to see everything outside of yourself – the trees, your friends, the entire world is seen “through your eyes” with great detail and splendour.


Now imagine – that your eyes also see everything INSIDE of you.

Did you know – there is a physical map, displayed withIn your eyes?

Did you know – there is an emotional map,  displayed withIn your eyes?

Did you know – there is a Soul map,  displayed withIn your eyes?




Iridology is a Science of analysing the iris of the eye.  It is a unique form of health analysis.  It is a simple and painless way of finding out what is happening within the physical body.   The  accuracy and speed this science provides in finding out which organ or body system is in greatest distress, or where the toxins are accumulating in “your’ body, is amazing.

With this information, you can get started and solve  your lingering problems, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual in nature.

Over 80% of Clients Experience more Energy & Ease in their Health

within a Few Weeks!

Here is what Physical Iridology can show:

  •  Inherent weaknesses (what requires strengthening)
  •  Toxic settlements (where to cleanse first)
  •  Inflammation (the body’s first cry for help.)
  •  Body Constitution (Does your body type repair quickly or slowly.

Once we have the blueprint information from your eyes, we simply look to mother nature and natural foods,  herbs and aromatherapy that directly influence the specific areas you are looking to cleanse, build, and strengthen!

After all …. did you know that the Twin to Iridology is Nutrition!  Yes … it is nature that comes to the rescue.  Your body knows exactly how to repair itself when it is give the “proper fuel”.


Here is what Ariadne Sassafras shared about her Iridology Experience:

I was having g some major challenges with my body and although I was aware of some probable dysfunctions, yet  I could not figure out for sure what was causing the un-wellness.  🙁

Within 30 mins after Annette’s Irido!ogy Assessment,  she pinpointed the challenges in my body I was experiencing, and then suggested natural ways that started to create positive change instantly.

Sometimes just knowing what’s  creating dis-harmony can be the most important step to healing!         Thank u so much Annette!


And there is even more the Eyes have to Reveal ….

Behavioural Iridology is another map that can show:

-Your natural style of experiencing life

2 Basic categories of people (thinker or feeler) and how to create harmony between the two.

– Relationship dynamics, Personality characteristcs that can bring more Fun and Freedom to you in your life.

Your Soul Path &  Purpose Potential – Aligning with your Natural Innate Abilities never Felt So Good!

Empathic Abilities &  the Benefits of Being a Feeler. instead of a Victim of Emotional Turmoil.

Your Eyes contain the blueprint ~

that can connect the dots for you!

Aligning all of you ~ Heart, Soul, Body and  Mind!

You choose which area you want to look at.


It’s quite Simple – Easy – Peasy!

Your eyes have the answer’s, and Iridology is the tool.  Your eyes can take the guesswork out of “what your body needs” to relax, release, receive, and restore itself naturally. to that place of experiencing your life with more  Ease, Joy and FUN!

Once your Eyes give us the Map,

 we can begin to supply the body with the specific nutrients it requires to “heal itself.

Or the Soul some Space to Be Expressed and understood!

All this time … your answers are right there … in your eyes?




Getting Started Conscious Cowgirl Coaching Session~

Option #1:  Iridology & Herbal Guidance Session ~  $77.00 – 60-75 mins.

Love your Body – Live Your Life with Ease & Joy Packages:

Option #2:    VIP  ~ Natural Health Make-Over for Women to Thrive ~ $222.00 ~ 1/2 Day ~ 3.0 hrs.

Includes 1 Follow-Up Coaching Session to answer questions &  keep you On Target!

(15 mins.)

Option #3:   Shift the Energy Conscious Cowgirl Coaching

and /or Body Process Sessions    

5 Sessions (Phone or in person)  ~  $377.00 

Includes  1 Conscious Cowgirl Follow-up Coaching to answer questions & to keep you On Target! (30 mins.)

Call Annette @ 250-866-5737 or 250-428-6151

for your Complimentary Coaching and let’s see what fits best for You!


Mix’n’Match – Iridology + Bars + Body Processes …

Have FUN with this!


– Find out what Your Eyes have to say to YOU?

– how to Triple your Energy ~Naturally!

– Understand your Body’s language – so you can Feel Good again & have FUN.

Create changes from choosing what’s Fun and Light,

– Know your Body & experience how it can Heal itself Naturally.

Listen to your Soul’s Calling and Experience more Fullfilling Ease. 

Simply call me for your free 15 minute Conscious Coaching & see what’s a Good Fit for You!

Annette ~ aka ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach~ 250-866-5737