Expanding Consciousness through Art & Earth’s stone ~ Video.

As my passion to experience a higher consciousness while living in a body on planet earth has been fired up to a new level recently…through the expression of Art!  The funny thing is, I don’t really “get art” that much, and yet I have some very artistic friends.  Somehow we relate to life in a similar fashion and have over the years walked through many non-traditional doors being guided by life itself.

To-day I have a video to share with you, it is of the Unveiling of a a HUGE piece of “Art”, and this art …I get!

If you want to experience the unseen assistance available to you, this video and sculpture will certainly spark your soul’s fire into remembering.   (Scroll down if you want to skip right to the video.)

A quick history of my journey with this piece of art up to this point may deliver the mystery of life’s daily synchronicities and how they develop into something beyond what you could ever imagine!

You see, last fall I went on a local Art tour (my art friends creation …and therefore I wanted to experience it…otherwise …I probably wouldn’t-haha).   So on the tour one artist named Stewart, had carved this huge piece of Granite  art that gave my body the chills immediately.

The Thunderbird Grandmother standing before me represented an experience I had earlier that week.  That experience was a bird standing on a pole, with it’s wings spread up like “the Phoenix Rising” bird.

Now here I stood in front of this sculpture that was creating a stir within my Soul.  I asked the artist Stewart about it, and felt extremely connected to this expression that he was creating.  You see it wasn’t finished yet, he had more he was adding to it, and I couldn’t wait to see and feel the final expression.

So to make a long story short, this sculpture was originally going to be taken out of province to another location.  I asked Stewart to let me know when he was finished, as I truly wanted to see it completed.

Well, as Soul synchronicity would have it, this sculpture called “The Hunter” is now here in my home town, right downtown, at my artist friend Sandy Kunze’s new Art Gallery.  It is available for all to come and experience.

The best part is … you don’t have to understand it to receive the energy of Expanding Consciousness that this Art piece exudes and represents, you will feel it.

Enjoy the video of the UnVeiling of The Hunter while Stewart gives his description of what it represents.

For me, I feel this piece of art is contributing immensely to the Rising of Consciousness and the Rising of the Phoenix energy on the planet now.  We all move at our own pace, and it is comforting to “know” we have unseen guides and helpers available to us, that before we may not have been aware of.

There is a fair bit of background noise, but hopefully you can hear the message in this video.  I hope to transcribe it soon so you can actually read it and really receive the wisdom and message in this art and in the energy it emits …naturally from earth’s granite stone created by a finely tuned in artist.




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