Do you ever get butterflies in your belly? (Video below)

Riding ~ Healing ~ Business & Dreams!

Have you ever woken up with that butterflies in your belly feeling?  To-day was that day for me.  Over the years I have learned this feeling is a combination of excitement and … a little bit of fear too.   Why you may ask?

Well to-day I was getting up and into the saddle and heading way up the mountain behind my house.   I have been wanting to do this since I got the horses 2 years ago, and to-day was the day.


It may sound simple but … I had some things I was a bit worried about.

  1. I really didn’t know the trail up there,
  2. I hadn’t asked the neighbour if we could pass through his yard to get to trail,
  3. and most importantly … I know there are black bears, grizzly  bears and cougars who live on that mountain, and generally, horses don’t really care for being around predators! 😉

What this really meant is that I would need to TRUST my horses and also know them well enough to ride in the back country, and trust myself too.  When I rode 15 years ago I didn’t seem to have that fear.  It reminded me of how easy it looks to be living your dream, and yet, to live your dream requires many things.

One of the criteria is it always requires Courage!
And there is no Doubt about that!

So off I went and I wanted to bring you along so I attempted creating  a  video to share with you!  You will experience the beauty of nature, a forested trail, the sounds of nature and my favourite of course, the horse energy.  Come join me for a few minutes and feel the peace and calm that nature brings you to-day.

After the ride, I realized AHA … my girlfriend and I talked and shared what had occurred for us in the past week, we discussed our businesses and the new opportunities that were being presented, we smelled the cedar trees and swatted flies, and we did something that I had on my bucket list!   All of that in one setting  ~ how does it get any better than that you may ask? I created this blog and video for you, so that’s another bonus benefit!

Next I will be riding this with my son.  He was the one that wanted to “ride up the mountain”, and now that I know the way, I feel more confident to go with him.

I wonder what you are being asked to do that is sending butterflies in your belly , that requires that courage to step onto your path and take it the next level?

Whether it’s personal or business, nature always has something to offer us.

EnJoy and see you again soon.

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