Are Earth Quakes creating Soul Quakes?

This morning I heard there was a sizeable earthquake off  the British Columbia coast.  This is where I am at the moment, so I paid attention and read the article.  Immediately after that, it triggered a remembrance within me of a potent dream I had last night.

I was crossing the vast ocean on a flexible plastic bridge that was floating upon huge waves.  There were many other people I didn’t know and we were all traversing across this bridge together.  The next thing was a building appeared, and inside we we all gathered together.  There were animals, dogs, horses and everyone was just kind of milling around.  Ya I know, kind of sounds like Noah’s Arc right?  Soooo, as I was remembering this dream … all of a sudden this title popped into my mind like a neon sign!!

“Are earthquakes creating Soul Quakes for you?”

Wait a minute … I suddenly remembered that I wrote a blog with this title quite a few years ago, so I went looking for it, and here it is!

So my dear sensitives and souls sisters, there is a very important message in here that is a “Soul Message” for you, and Now is the Time.

(By the way – This was written through me on 4/22/2011)

Visionaries do that, they receive insights that stand the test of time.  This message was for me too!

  So here it is again for All of Us!

 Allow yourself a few minutes to fully RECEIVE this Divinely guided message, pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and ENJOY the energetic transmission and message.  

Here we go …there is No Turning Back now!

Now is the time to Trust in the Power that Created you!

It is time to merge Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Physical together.  We are literally shifting into a new gear, creating a new reality on earth!
We are intricately connected, and it would benefit all of us to keep this in the forefront of our minds, and notice the abundance of synchronicities and messages being delivered at rapid speed.  Dreams, numbers, songs, Spirit is speaking directly to your Soul and Higher Self.

Can you hear it?

“NOW is the time for us to really appreciate the abundance that Mother Earth provides for us.  Without the air, water, food and all of her plants and animals, we the human race could not survive.  Even if the world may seem a little chaotic, know it is only to bring more goodness to earth in the long run.
Please, before you dive into the abyss of despair, hopelessness or fear,
I encourage you to instead, look for hope, faith, and also TRUST IN THE POWER of Love.

 I am talking about Divine Love, Spiritual Love, Mother Mary Love.

There are 2 sides to every coin, and it’s not wrong to feel both types of emotions!  Emotions are not wrong, they are your body and soul speaking to you. Pay attention as this is your guide too.

Yes, we must FEEL in order to HEAL!

We are so afraid to feel, yet it’s simply how we are living on earth.   We feel Fear & Love, Despair & Joy, Hope & Hopelessness.

We flow back and forth …that is being human.

Simultaneously through these feelings and earthly experiences, we  are being asked or “called” to Remember Who we Really Are!

Yes now!

Remember your Passion for life,
Remember your Purpose in life,
Remember to feel the Good feelings like Joy and Happiness too.

When Mother Earth shakes and quakes she rumbles us Awake!
Is it a call for us to Remember our Soul, to listen for our Soul messages,
to remember the Light within us,  and also the Divine Source of all good things?

As you may be noticing ..

We cannot ignore the calling anymore!

What if you could dig deep and be inspired?  Depression is a repression of the Soul.  What else is possible now that wasn’t before?

What if you found a passion within you that you had completely forgotten?

What if you feel that inner YES, I CAN be the change in the world,
right now, starting to-day?

How does that feel?

Breathe that feeling INTO your body.  We are here to EMBODY the goodness, the Light-heartedness, amidst the chaos of what isn’t working to be revealed and released!

You can make a difference, when you say YES, and follow your Passion,
Open your Heart, and call on your personal Divine Guidance.

It is time to nurture, respect and honour Your Self, Mother Earth and ALL of her inhabitants.

The plants, the original plants known as weeds, are here to strengthen you,
right now in this time of the vibrational shift, here on earth.

We simply need to re-connect,
with Earth Energy,
with Divine Energy,
and with each other.

Are you upto the challenge?

Are YOU BEING shaken on the inside too?

If you are a mother, remember the process of pregnancy and birth?

At first it’s exciting and new, and then as you grow so big you can’t tie your shoes, you can’t sleep comfortably, and the whole process becomes UNCOMFORTABLE?

At this point, there is no turning back, right?
What did you call upon then, in those last moments of late pregnancy, just before the new experience of “giving birth” took place?

Did you Trust the Process?

It seems this may be a great example of what we are all being asked to do now.   To Trust in the Process.  Yes we are frazzled and uncomfortable seeing the world shift around us, and that is okay.

YES we may feel powerless, but we are NOT Powerless.

We are powerful co-creators!

We are delivering a baby right now.  We are delivering our True Authentic Self.   We simply must remember to have faith, to prepare, stay positive and ….

Here’s a few quick tips to cross this emotional bridge of change:

  • Ask for help…Spiritual Guides or Earth Angels, and be Open to Receive.
  • Remember to slow down long enough to “Hear the Answer”,
  • Really allow the insight and information to seep into your being and your cells. Breath it in , walk it in to your body’s awareness.
  • Take inspired action on that inner knowing… it may be 1 tiny step, and that one step will bring you to the next. That’s all there is.

You cannot see what’s on the shore,

while you are in the middle of the ocean.

Miracles are alive and well to-day.   What miracles are occurring in your life?

I invite you to pay attention and receive your gifts of Passion, Purpose and Peace.

Spread your Passion, your Inspiration, and let’s continue to create a happier world for all of us to share respectfully.

Now is the Time ~ We Are The Ones!

Someone out there needs you, your gift, and your light to shine the way.  Or maybe you need someone else to light your way, it doesn’t matter…

We are All in this Together!

Wow how FUN, I needed this message as much as you did.  Perfect Divine Timing

And  to complete it, let’s go with “How does it get any better than this”!

I have a few Spiritual Guidance sessions available …

If you need a lift Up and Out of a Rut…let’s Git’er Done ~ email me!


A-Ho my friends,

Ride the waves with ease.

Annette ~ aka ~  The Conscious Cowgirl Coach in Canada!

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