Welcome and I whole-heartedly look forward to connecting with you .

If you feel it’s important, and you’d like to speak with me directly, you can reach

me at: 250-866-5737.

Otherwise, I can recieve your comment, request or question via the form below, and the reason I do not have my email listed directly here is because my intuitive web coach advised me that there is too much spam coming through emails posted on websites.

So I hope you understand sometimes techy on-line connecting is awesome, and there are things to be aware of that don’t work.  So please know, I will respond usually within 24 hours, and often within the same day.

I fully appreciate you stopping by here to visit and see what might fit for you in your life, and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Blazing trails on a New Path of Loving Life with Fun and Freedom…Annette.