Conscious Coaching

Do you Feel Your life is about to Shift?

Is it time to Enhance your Body Health &

Your Soul Path ~ NATURALLY?

Conscious Coaching is here for you to move past the challenge and allow change with more ease, joy and FUN!  Whether you are going through a transition in work, career, home, relationships, new location or empty nest, change can create stress and overwhelm.  

Conscious Coaching provides practical and spiritual tools to help you Set Yourself Free to Be the passionate, fun loving, light-hearted you what I call “The UnBridled Yee-Haa You”!

When you feel stuck or overwhelmed, it’s time to grab hold of the reins in your life and do something differant, that works.

Quite simply, when you move the energy, you can change the challenge and have more Ease, Joy and Fun!  There are many ways to have what you want, and in a reasonable timeframe.

So when that feeling of “enough is enough” comes barreling up, you know … it’s time!

This is not all fluff … it’s creating a new reality on Earth for You, by Being You!   Yee-Haa!

Is it time to truly EnJoy Living?

Remember, You are Not alone~ As Together ~ We Thrive!

As a Coach and Guide for over 20 years,

I have walked the Path of Natural and Spiritual Health and creating with Consciousness,

and it’s my greatest Joy to Join up with YOU, and Kick some Cowgirl But’s!

Now is the time my friends, to Shine and Be the Magnificance you Truly Are!

Below you will find 3 choices to join up with me for some 1 on 1 Private Conscious Cowgirl Coaching.  You will know which one best suits you at this moment in time.

Trust yourSelf, say Yes to You  ~

and Let’s get YOU in the Saddle …

for the Ride of Your Life Sister!!


1.  Sparking the Fire Coaching Package:  

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, or…you kind of know what you want “but” you can’t seem to get any traction and move into inspired action, this package is for you.

 Whatever requires a boost for you –

it could be health, finances, career change, relationship transitions,

it doesn’t matter what it is, 

We will get your Fire Sparked and the energy Moving

into Inspired Action & Ease!

3 Personalized Conscious Coaching Sessions

Plus – 3 Evolving with Ease Email Conversations

$277.00 Canadian 

Connect with me & let’s see if this Package is for you:


2. Sunrise – It’s A New Day Coaching Package:   

This package is for you when your heart is inspired and you know ~

now is the time to create consciously and commit to your Path with Gusto! 

You may not know “how” yet, and that’s okay! 

By this time you are starting to recognize that doing it alone just doesn’t work.  You now realize the benefits of a coach that has your back when you’re skipping a beat, or celebrates with you as you become  healthier  & more connected and trusting in your Self in all ways.  

Someone who can see YOU ~  for the Brilliance you Truly are,

reminds you of your Strongness … not your Wrongness, 

and moves you past your mighty comfort zone. (eeks)

7 Personalized Conscious Coaching Sessions

Plus – 3 Evolving with Ease Email Conversations

$511.00 Canadian

Curious if this Life and Soul Package is for you?


Blazing Trails Coaching Package: 90 Days

No more fooling around for you.  You have realized that consciously creating and collaboration are moving you in ways you could not have even imagined!

 Health, Joy, Fun, Freedom & Peace are now becoming

a natural way of living,

and your momentum is feeling good ~

so let’s keep the trail blazing.

11 Personalized Conscious Coaching Sessions 

Plus ~ 7 Evolving with Ease Email Connections!

There is NO WHOA In this Package – It’s All GO ~ Yee-Haa!!!

$777.00 Canadian 


Curious if these Kick Ass Conscious Cowgirl Package is for you?

Simply send me a message via the box on the right ..

or call me at 250-428-6151 and let’s connect.

What will it feel like if you got started right away?

Does that feel “light or heavy”?

(Sessions available via phone or skype.)


What others have experienced with 1 on 1 Conscious Cowgirl Coaching!

“Okay – after 10 minutes into the Conscious Coaching Call –

 I feel like I could hang up now because I have already received

the ease and freedom I needed to-day!            

Wow thanks Annette”

Robin W. – Oregan


Connecting with Annette and her Conscious Cowgirl Coaching gave me the Courage to move myself and my entire family from Florida to N. Carolina!

 Not only that, but to follow my Dream and not give up.  Now I have my own Spirit Connected business,  live on an acreage with freedom for my family to play and have pets,

 and Life Is Good!

I highly recommend Annette’s Conscious Cowgirl Coaching ~

It Does ~ Kick Butt!

Sherry Bowers – N. Carolina