Are Earth Quakes creating Soul Quakes?

This morning I heard there was a sizeable earthquake off  the British Columbia coast.  This is where I am at the moment, so I paid attention and read the article.  Immediately after that, it triggered a remembrance within me of a potent dream I had last night. I was crossing the vast ocean on a […]

What does Spirit & Soul Wisdom feel like?

Ahhh ..such a light and simple topic to embark upon to-day wouldn’t you say? Well let’s just jump right into the deep end shall we? The journey of Spirit and Soul Wisdom begins. Are you ready for a mini adventure? A healthy Spirit and Soul connection often comes from the “unseen realms”.  It is the […]

Are you making New Plans of the Heart? Plus a tool to help with Change.

 Have you noticed there is still a lot of shaking, rocking and rolling energy happening? There is this weird energy afloat with all kinds of experiences going on, and quite frankly change is still in the air. As we just came through an intense time of water energy, emotions, and sorting through the rubble, we […]