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MOVE THE ENERGY – Change the Challenge ~ FEEL WONDERFUL!

Energetic Facelift ~ Cellular Releasing  – Improve Vision and more!

What else is possible for you and your body’s well-being?

These Energetic Body Processes have been know to create amazing change in how you are feeling, both physically and mentally.  For those of you who are highly sensitive and empathic … these processes have given fantastic results in  the ability to release struggle, overwhelm, lack of sleep and so much more … without any idea of  “how it works”.  The great thing about these Body Processes .. is you don’t have to know “How it works”, you can simply “Receive the Ease and Relax”, allowing the process to “work on it’s own”!  How does it get any better than that?


ACCESS ENERGETIC BODY PROCESSES: Fully clothed indoor & outdoor  EXPERIENCE that can create change fast.

Horses and healing naturally.

Horses and healing naturally.



Most Access Body Processes are facilitated indoors in a private warm space.

 This photo was a combination of an “Access Bars Body Process”, combined with a “Healing with Horses session”.    Truly magnificent experience!

These will be made available again possibly in the spring/summer of 2015.


Differant Access Body Processes Available

Call to find out which Body Process will most serve your needs at this time.  

A free 15 minute Conscious Coaching is available. 


ACOUSTIC VIBRATION      ~ this is tuning your body into it’s Highest Vibration of Ease and Joy.  

ENERGETIC FACELIFT      ~ reverses aging on the face and throughout the body.

 CORRECTING VISION       ~ Helps with vision problems, including impaired night vision, and also works on sinus problems.

COMPENSATORY DRIFT   ~ Have you ever felt like you have “Drifted Away” from who you used to be?  Did you slowly drift away from the core of that fun, happy person… and then one day realize you lost your sparkle and spring in your step?  This is only one experience possible with this Ah-Mazing Body Process. (one of my all time Faves during these changing times)

SOURCE FIELD FOR THE ELIMINATION AND ERADICATION OF THE CHROMATIC OF TIME ~  this is what creates wrinkles, and this can help reduce or remove wrinkles, and also assists the whole body become more healthy and aligned.

OLDINGS   ~  this un-does the effects of ageing. One does not age, one olds. Whenever you’ve been told..or said to yourself….”you’re too old for that..or you’re too young to do that”…Oldings occurs. Oldings also helps with wrinkes too.

CELLULAR MEMORY This cellular memory body process is done on scar tissue or anywhere the body had trauma, like a break, a fall, or an operation. It unlocks the trauma so that it returns to its natural state – which is to heal. A lot of the pain in your body are a result of old injuries as a child,. This is about unlocking the cells from a point of view in which they’ve been stuck so that they can go back to doing what they’re supposed to be doing naturally.  We are erasing the memory of the trauma of the cell, and allowing the body to heal itself.

ELIMINATION AND ERADICATION OF ALL HOLDING PATTERNS TO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE CREATION OF BODIES AND LIVING ~  removes all holding patterns on all levels of being including the cellular level. ie. family patterns.

Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of Toxic Amalgams  ~  Toxic amalgams are part of what creates cancer in the body.

Meso-Muscular Embodiment & Elimination & Eradication of Human DNA ~  this process in my experience is assisting us with the evolution of change occuring on the planet, and in our bodies.  Again this Body Process can have unlimited benefits … that only your body will choose and know. 

Eradication and Elimination of the Physical Actualization of Catalytic Plastination ~ one of the benefits is this assists with any hardening occuring within your body.

MTVSS ~ they say this Body Process can restore many health challenges you may have occuring.  It’s like an immune system boost, including your thymus, liver, spleen, and kidneys.  

You will notice there is not a great deal of description for these body processes because Access says this ..

“What if we have a limited point of view for results, when actually there are un-limited possibilities available beyond our understanding?”

Having said that,  I did include a sentence or two to give you a slight hint and yet each person may receive Unlimitied possibilities of more ease, joy and fun both with their body and their life. 

You may not know which one of these Processes your body requires, simply give me a call for a complimentary exploration session to see what will be the best fit for you.





with a 1/2 Day Body & Soul Spa!


Energetic Body Process  ~ $77.00 – allow 70 minutes.

The Energetic Face-lift ~ $150.00- 90 minutes.


  Includes 5 differant  Body Processes of your Choice~


(Access Bars, Iridiology & Herbal or Conscious Coaching can be included in this package).


 Receive a Complimentary 20 minute Conscious Coaching Session

& see what”s a good fit for you,

Please call Annette @ 250-866-5737

I look forward to connecting with you!


      Connecting with your Body ~ How does it get any better than that?

Do you have more QUESTIONS ABOUT ACCESS BODY PROCESSES?  Here are the  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and HOW TO‘s you may be curious about.

How much more Ease are You willing to Receive?



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