About Annette

Meet Annette ~ aka ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach!

As a Soul Path guide, energy healer, Herbalist, Iridologist, author,  speaker and workshop facilitator, Annette Ducharme-Agabob is best known for her unique intuitive knowing of sensing  energy and moving stuck & struggling energy into a  lightness of Being that creates  having more ease, joy and fun in your daily living.

What Annette Does:

Annette has become an inspirational example & recognized facilitator and coach in transforming lives and assisting women in moving from a tired, overwhelming stressed life, to consciously creating their life with much more awareness and choice.  Her mission is to empower women to recognize other possibilities exist and what is truly possible for them now.  The energetic transformation possible now is fast, truly empowering women to Be more with Grace, Ease and Trust.


In her talks, classes and coaching, Annette uses the stories of her personal journey to inspire women to know that being sensitive doesn’t have to be a handicap, but instead how to tap into the potency of being a sensitive to assist them to thrive on the planet, now.  She empowers women to know that they are the creators of their life. She also gives them access to real, dynamic tools that can be used on a moment-to-moment basis, so women can create the life they’d truly like to have—and the world they would truly like to live in.

Annette welcomes women on what she has coined, the Conscious Cowgirl style of living where creating more consciousness, leads to having more Ease, Joy and Fun!


Annette’s Personal Transformation Story

At a very young age, Annette was aware of how others felt and would pick up on their sadness, anger, or overwhelm in life.  Feeling other people’s emotions became a challenge.  When she would ask, “Why are you sad mom?” the reply would often be, “I am not sad, everything is ok.”

Over time this created a deep well of self-doubt and confusion as others invalidated what Annette perceived within her as they were trying to protect her from how they were really feeling.

Later in life during her early teens, she discovered the best way to numb these sensations was the use of cigarettes and alcohol and a party girl was born.  This seemed to allow her the heart connections she so longed for and simultaneously numbed the lower vibration emotions of sadness, grief and disappointment that she sensed from the people all around her.

She employed this coping mechanism all through her late 20’s until her health took a twist and she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and then a few months later, a thyroid condition as well.  Now her energy plummeted and although she sought help from the medical community, including surgery and medications, inside she knew something else had to be possible.

She saw hope in Natural Health to find solutions that resonated deep within her, which began a journey of healing through Nature and her connection and trust in Spirit/God.

She asked the heavens for a change and made a promise.  If she could leave the rat race of the city and move to the country, she would commit to learning more about Nature, Healing and Loving life.   The Universe responded and within 2 years quit her corporate job of 14 years and moved to the country.  She started her studies of herbs, the eyes, and nature.

 Even though there were other upsets and challenges along the way,  Annette never gave up, even after all the disappointments.  Along the way Annette discovered personal transformation, strength, courage, grace, allowance, resilience and a stronger connection to trust her inner knowing, and Spirit.  The spark of fire within her continued to burn.   She learned: who she is, why she is here, how to transform life’s challenges, and to trust whole-heartedly in her Soul Path and her “Knowing”.

  In the end, what came forward was that gentle strength and caring heart that was always there from the beginning. Annette chose to live life whole-heartedly, through the good, the bad and the ugly because as she says, “as far down as you go, there is always a way back up to Being the gift you truly are. “

Over time she recognized her sensitivity was a gift, it allowed her the awareness of energy and the ability to tap into and recognize her own abilities and knowing. She came to see her gift as her ability to sense and change the energy and assist people to heal themselves with a lot more ease, joy and fun!  Annette also recognized that this capacity and knowing is available for everyone, if they are willing to choose it.

Is now the time to move into your highest potential and Be the Gift you truly are?

Welcome to the Conscious Cowgirl style of living, where creating more consciousness,  can still be a party, and leads to having more Ease, Joy and Fun!

Yee-Haa – and how does it get any better than that?


Annette - Sacred Heart Pool

 BEing Your Yee-Haaa Self! 

Isn’t it FUN just saying that?

Annettes Roots:

Annette was born on a farm on the prairies, and her farm roots are part of her style and joy in living life light-heartedly.  She now lives on a small acreage with her husband, 2 teen-age sons, 2  cats, & 2 dogs.  The one animal that touches her heart the most are Horses!

After her 34 1/2 year old Arab went upto horsey heaven, she was  horse-less for awhile, (although she always carries the Spirit of the Horse withIn her).  She has now found  2 more horses, Kojo and Shadow, and what a Joy it is to have these 2 around to heal, grow and enjoy. 

Horses are amazing animals that are healing just to be around, and her work is expanding to include more time with horses and healing, for both humans and the animals.  How does it get any better than this?

Welcome to The Conscious Cowgirl Coaching & Community, 

where You can Be Who you Are,

be  part of a Posse of Women,  and Have Fun too!   Yee-Haaa!

….Is now the time to Ride the Wave of Consciousness and Live Your Life as You?