Your body – your best friend! Body Wisdom!

As summer is rapidly approaching and the sun is becoming brighter and warming us up here in Canada,

the calling to be outdoors and play in the sun and have FUN is like a magnet to metal!

After sitting indoors all winter long and not being as active as I could have been, my body is letting me know I require some

intention in getting into shape!  Here is a a picture with a few friends on my very first hike of the year, it was SO FUN!

How many of you feel that too?

BHW HIKE anna, annette, kendra

This is your friendly reminder to “move your body”, and listen to it too.

You see, your body is your very best friend and holds all the wisdom and information you require, FOR YOU,

and for your increased health and well-being.   LISTENING to your body means becoming better at understanding the language

of your Body Wisdom.  What if every feeling of tiredness, pain, stiffness, weakness, strength, vitality and energy is your body communicating with you.   What if you naturally listened to your body’s request,  and responded to your body’s invitation through it’s communication with you, and with that connection, you felt more aligned and healthy! 

How much health and fun could you have?

Sounds simple, yet we have been trained to “not listen to our body”, by stopping the cold, or suppressing the cough, or no pain no gain, all of that instead of  asking or wondering, what is it the body requires in this moment?

More rest?  More Fun?  More movement?

Getting started seems to be the hardest part, so to-day this is your moment of Inspiration to take action and go out for that hike with your friends, even if … your Not in shape. Take it slow, enJoy the journey and the experience, and you will most certainly feel the benefits, as your body communicates to you with that happy tired feeling and the joy of spending time with friends.

Oh, one more thing, if your not a hiker, or prefer quiet walks with your dog, fantastic, follow your knowing and you’ll feel the freedom of what works best for you.  And, if you want to share, what IS your favorite body movement activity – perhaps you will inspire someone else?

Happy trails to ya,


Annette ~ The Conscious Cowgirl





  1. Apart from riding in the countryside, which is on hold whilst my beautiful little horse recovers from founder, I love walking. I would quite happily walk 20 miles a day! However, time caring for my boy and other commitments means I spend far too much time sitting at my computer or in my car. After 3 years of constant, steady weight loss and eating anything I want without gaining a single ounce, I am now gaining the pounds and feeling the call to get out there in nature!

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