Times they are a changing.


 How to move through the changes

with more Ease and Grace.



The Conscious Cowgirl Community is a safe space where women can transition through their life changes,

and Live Life Passionately and with Gusto!


Is it time to Have more Energy, Ease and Fun,

In a Down to Earth Way!

Change is it at hand and the old ways are no longer producing results.  What is a girl to do?

Is it time to gift yourself some focused attention?  This can be anything from improving your Physical health, Spiritual Health or aligning with your Soul’s Path and Destiny.   In this New Earth 5D Energy, logic is minimized and not working like it used to, while the Wisdom in your Heart and Soul is calling to you.

 Can you hear the call?  

Do you need help learning this new language of the Heart and Soul?  

These energies can feel like you are riding a wild mustang UnBridled on an open prairie out of control.


Private Conscious Cowgirl Coaching is available ~

Phone & Skype sessions   

Natural Healing ~ Consciousness

Coach & Soul Path Guidance 

Do you Feel Your life is about to Shift?

Is it time to Enhance your Soul Path,

Spiritual Health &

 feel lighter ~ NATURALLY?

Conscious Coaching is here for you to move past the challenge and allow change with more ease, joy and FUN!  Whether you are going through a transition in work, career, home, relationships, new location or empty nest, change can create stress and overwhelm.  

Conscious Coaching provides practical and spiritual tools to help you Set Yourself Free to Be the passionate, fun loving, light-hearted you what I call “The UnBridled Yee-Haa You”!

There are choices for you to receive more ease.  Whether it is readings and coaching via phone and skype calls, or private Iridology, or hands on energy procesess, you can shift the energy and have more energy and fun.   I do travel, so if you want me to come to you, let’s connect.


Find out Why:

 You, as a woman on the planet now,

feel called to more purpose and passionate living! 

You are ready to move beyond the past struggles and challenges,

and have some old fashioned F.U.N. too! 


  3 Ways you can gently change that quickly & naturally!

For Example… Did you know  that for women, when you can  reduce the adrenaline overload it Allows more Ease in your Body & Living?    It’s your physiology as a woman that requires a different way of BEING to Thrive.   

Together ~ In the Conscious Cowgirls Community,

you will receive tools to change what isn’t working  for  you,

so you can restore your natural state of  Health, Joy and Fun living.


 Are you willing to have the Freedom of Being You, or …

Do you feel:

  •  Mis-Understood or Wrong because you’re more Sensitive to Energy?
  • Ready to UnBridle the Purpose in your heart and the Passion in your gut .. and  let it Soar?
  •  Your Health and Physical body aren’t what they used to be?  What if, with a little help, you can restore your health gradually and gently?  Of course… why not?
  •  A Deep Inner Calling and Purpose that is ready to be Expressed, Emanated and Emodied?  

     “Are you ready to BE your Yee-Haa Self!”


I want you to know  “I See You  …& I’ve walked in your shoes.”


There are 4 areas in the Conscious Cowgirl Coaching

& Soul Path Guidance Tools. 

UnBridle Your Passion & Fun

& Finally BE Your YEE-HAA Self!


  Relax ~ Release ~Receive ~ Restore!


 Here are some tools to create change with more ease & joy.   Everything is tailored to your specific needs and you always have choice. (You can choose any one of these 4, or mix’n’match, they do not need to be in this order).

1. Consciousness  Coach & Soul Path  Guidance – Remote healing ~ move the energy!

Shift the energy~ change the challenge!

 What if struggles and striving can be shifted into soaring and thriving?

  Every successful athlete and sports team has a “coach on their side’ to move them past their perceived limitations into their untapped potential!

Is now the time to for you to trust in partnering with  a coach , & move past the struggle and into soaring?

These private soul coaching sessions have the potential to shift your situation startlingly quick, so you can create and actualize the life you know is possible for you.   Once you shift the energy, and you have  a new insight in view, you can move forward with this new empowering energy that creates with effortless ease.  

As one client commented “Ok – I know it’s only been 10 minutes, but I feel like I can hang up now and move forward with my day so much easier”.

2.   Access Bars & Access Body Processes – Relax ~ Release & Receive more ease.

 These hands on energetic body processes are  relaxing, and will help you release the mountains of doubt, & limitations that are in your way of Living Your Life with more Joy, Ease and Fun!  De-stress your brain and your body, and receive the real YOU!  This is like experiencing a day spa, with the possibility of changing your whole life for the better. 

How does it get any better than that?

3.  Physical Iridology &  Constitution Assessment – Can’t find answers to your challenges?  Do Your eyes have Your Personal  Answers to your questions?

Target your personal health needs and receive results fast!

Knowing your inherent Strengths & Weaknesses revealed to you in your eyes,   helps you move forward and take action that are specific for you and by you.

Your eyes have the answers, and information for you.   Both the physical and spiritual path components are revealed through your eyes.  It’s not rocket science, it’s simply natural!

 Conscious Cowgirl Coaching  assists you, 

to experience any  life changes and transitions – 

with more ease, grace and speed!

4. UnBridle Your Self  – The Horses and Healing Experience & Horse Wisdom classes.  

** * New Packages and programs with horses as healers and teachers.   These are on and off-line programs sure to spark your heart and connect you to the being the grounded leader in your life.  If you are looking for inspiration and forward movement, this is for you.  

Horse wisdom can profoundly teach you how to make aligned decisions that will work for you and the highest good of all.

  To see more about this go directly to the “Horses and Healing” page listed in the header.    

These trainings and programs are designed for women on a Soul mission, becoming non-predatory leaders, and women in transition in their jobs, relationships, business etc.

Is now the time to be & do something differant to create a new aligned reality designed and aligned with you? 


These 4 steps, will Inspire You to:

–  Increase your Body Health & your Spirit Soul Health & Path!

Un-Bridle the Women’s Way …  from Worrier to Warrioress – the Gentle Strength Way!

–  Amp up Your Inner  Knowing, which resided in your body, below the belt. 

–  to Know & Understand  “What Is Your Energy, &  what is Not Your Energy”,  so you don’t get “thrown off balance” so often.

 Allow yourself to Receive more Energy,  steady strength & Stamina,  through the tailored program that is designed by you and for you.

– Shift & Dis-entangle from Draining Energy so you can feel good & have a Storehouse of Energy to go out and have FUN!


 That’s how you can BE YOU – Your “Yee-Haa Self”,

EnJoy Living on this Planet,

 Thrive instead of just Survive!


Let me share my gems with you, as we walk the path together!

Consider this Your Invitation  …

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& you will RECEIVE Three Powerful Tools:

The Beauty & Benefits of Access Bars & Two  other TOOLS you can use right away!


PLUS the Powerful Audio Training “Maneuvering in the New Earth Energy” .   

Or simply call me for a 20 minute Explore session  @ 250-428-6151

& let’s see what fits for You!


Truly – what  else is possible?



NOTE:  All of the healing modalities on The Conscious Cowgirl are for information purposes only, and DO NOT REPLACE your regular Doctor, M.D., or professional of choice.  Please accept personal responsibility for your health and your choices.